Types of Roses

  • Bush roses: Hybrid Teas, Floribundas, Grandifloras provide colour throughout the summer.
  • Miniature and Patio roses: for small gardens, containers and as edging plants.
  • Ramblers and Large-flowered Climbers: to cover trellises, walls and fences.
    (These three types require winter protection.)

  • Winter hardy Shrub roses (landscape roses), both old fashioned and modern hybrids, for shrub borders, larger properties and low maintenance gardens. Their cultural needs are similar to those of bush roses except they require less pruning and only minimal, if any, winter protection. However, there are some Shrub roses (Austin roses are an example) which do require winter protection in most parts of Canada.

Roses can be growing on their own roots or can be grafted.  That is, the desired variety of rose has been put  onto the roots of a hardier rose. For grafted roses, in areas of Canada that experience winter,  the rootstock Rosa multiflora is preferred for winter hardiness.  American growers tend to use rootstocks that are not as winter hardy. If the rose comes from the southern U.S. you can be assured it will not be on R. multiflora, so we advise that you check the label and purchase Canadian grown roses.