Adelaide Hoodless – (Parkland Series)

Adelaide Hoodless

Adelaide Hoodless is an extremely floriferous and vigorous shrub rose. This rose, introduced in 1973, is a tribute to the founder of the Women’s Institute on the occasion of their 75th anniversary. Plants produce large clusters (up to 35 blooms) of 7 cm, semidouble, red blooms in July and September. It is advisable to prune off old flowers and hips to promote repeat flowering. This plant grows to about 1.0 m with arching stems. Resistance to powdery mildew is good, while resistance to blackspot is moderate.

Plants of Adelaide Hoodless survive in zone 2 and warmer zones. The plant propagates easily from softwood stem cuttings.

This cultivar was developed from a cross between the floribunda Fire King and a hardy seedling derived from R. arkansana ‘J.W. Fargo’ x Assiniboine. Assiniboine is a hybrid of the floribunda Donald Prior and R. arkansana.